Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

Open letter to Schwalbe

As you might have seen I have had my fair share of a moan about these tyres. 1200 miles. And then I spotted this...

JetBoil (PCS) Personal Cooking System, anyone fancy a cuppa ?

Description: (From their site) Fortify yourself in a flash with our ultracompact 1 liter unit. Ideal for dehydrated meals, coffee or tea on the...

Camping in Denmark – "Overnatning i det fri"

"Overnatning i det fri" is a guide book in Danish about nearly free campsites in Denmark. Denmark don't have the "Allemannsretten", freedom to roam,...

Ajungilak air pillow from Mammut

We got two Ajungilak air pillows and tested them out for one night and we have a winner. Yes, you can use a t-shirt stuffed...

2000 miles

Today I passed the 2000 miles mark on my little Tank the Surly Long Haul Trucker o/ Why haven't I listened to others before, kinda kicking myself here, when they talked about a touring bicycle. Because it is such a joy to ride. Worth every penny.

Extrawheel trailer

Using a trailer when touring is a very personal thing. Some people can't do without one, while others manage to tour the world without....

Alpkit SkyeHigh 800 Sleeping bag, a hug in a bag :)

Description: (From their site) A serious sleeping bag choice for those with big ideas but limited by a budget (we all know how that...

Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008

Me and Chutney (a Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008) on the top of Tourmalet. Description: (From their site) The Speed Pro TT is the bike...

Circus Hostel & Hotel, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

To help us get over the long flight from the UK we decided to spend a few days in Buenos Aires before heading further...

Lake I/O SDL

I have now used these since May and love them. I wear them pretty much all day both cycling and walking in them. Since the...
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