Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus (Rear)

Over the last year or so I have used my Ortlieb Bike-Packer Plus (Rear) a lot. Mainly to carry my work stuff to and from...

Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008

Me and Chutney (a Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008) on the top of Tourmalet. Description: (From their site) The Speed Pro TT is the bike...

New SuperNova E3 Pro and E3 tail light

I wrote to SuperNova asking them about my dying stand light on the front light and the one rather dim rear diode (of three)...

Trangia 27-1 cooking stove

Our Jet-boil cooker is brilliant but we found that gas canisters were sometimes hard to find. And, if you go into a outdoor shop...

Solarlight Cap from 2C

I saw this one a year so ago and thought it would be a great gimmick. But since I'm now spending much time outdoors...

dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket

I got the dhb Wickham eVENT Waterproof Cycling Jacket a few weeks back and as sods law is, I didn't get to use it...

Falling out of love with Crank Brothers’ eggbeater pedals

Out of them all stood the Crank Brothers' eggbeater pedals

Open letter to Schwalbe

As you might have seen I have had my fair share of a moan about these tyres. 1200 miles. And then I spotted this...

Circus Hostel & Hotel, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

To help us get over the long flight from the UK we decided to spend a few days in Buenos Aires before heading further...

LHT Cockpit with butterfly handle bar

I'm not a big fan of standard drop bars. The main reason is that I don't feel I got a good grip when it comes to braking when you are riding in the hoods.
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