Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

JetBoil (PCS) Personal Cooking System, anyone fancy a cuppa ?

Description: (From their site) Fortify yourself in a flash with our ultracompact 1 liter unit. Ideal for dehydrated meals, coffee or tea on the...

2000 miles

Today I passed the 2000 miles mark on my little Tank the Surly Long Haul Trucker o/ Why haven't I listened to others before, kinda kicking myself here, when they talked about a touring bicycle. Because it is such a joy to ride. Worth every penny.

Review: Katadyn Pocket Filter

We drink a lot while cycling and at every opportunity we have, we refill our bottles. Pubs, farms and some cemeteries you can quite...

Trangia 27-1 cooking stove

Our Jet-boil cooker is brilliant but we found that gas canisters were sometimes hard to find. And, if you go into a outdoor shop...

Review: “Sporked”

This post is in homage to our friend Emily who is making her way from London eastwards around the world. The last time I...

Pedallers’ Paradise by Nigel Rushton

We’ve just come back from a trip to New Zealand where we cycle toured for five weeks. I had crawled the internet for information,...

SuperNova E3 Pro, let there be light.

I got the SuperNova E3 Pro with the handle bar mount. The reason is that I didn't fancy having my expensive light sitting on my...

Review: ExtraWheel trailer update

I've now used the Extrawheel trailer for nearly six months and 3500 miles ...

Revolution Cargo Load Trailer

I have had this trailer for around four years now and simply love it. It is a TW-Bent trailer which is pretty much the...

Alpkit SkyeHigh 800 Sleeping bag, a hug in a bag :)

Description: (From their site) A serious sleeping bag choice for those with big ideas but limited by a budget (we all know how that...
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