Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

Review: When Hilleberg zippers fail. And fail again.

Hilleberg have come back to us offering to fit new zippers on our tent ...

Review: Showers Pass Elite 2.1 – update from the road

We've had another visit to the Showers Pass offices in Portland, replacement jacket a lovely electric blue colour

Review: ExtraWheel trailer update

I've now used the Extrawheel trailer for nearly six months and 3500 miles ...

Review: Hilleberg Kaitum 3GT – zip frustration

We researched our tent we didn't hear anyone complaining about the zips ...

Review of Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.0 eVent jacket

Review of Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.0 eVent jacket 314 USD (approx. £195) including postage plus £65 customs charge

Review: Spitting feathers – Exped mat five year warranty

Our beloved Exped DownMat 7 Pump DLX has started to spit feathers out the deflation valve

Review: Touching the brim: an updated review of the Tilley Hemp...

I have always wanted a hat but most hats nearly always require a "uniform" to go with it. Bowler hat, you need a pinstriped...

Review: “Hilleberg Kaitum 3GT”

We may not have used this tent for long, but with one week on Exmoor and two weeks in Tierra del Fuego, it's already...

Review: “Sporked”

This post is in homage to our friend Emily who is making her way from London eastwards around the world. The last time I...

Review: Katadyn Pocket Filter

We drink a lot while cycling and at every opportunity we have, we refill our bottles. Pubs, farms and some cemeteries you can quite...
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