Reviews of various thing that I use while cycling such like tyres, tent, bicycles.

A review of Trekmates mat, Mummy camper lite

The only reason why I ended up trying out this, was from my own stupidity, because I forgot my Exped DownMats on our last...

Ortleib Panniers Set

Description: (From their site) With its classical lid closure the waterproof rear pannier Bike-Packer Plus allows fast access to the bag’s interior. An internal...

Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne

I have just finished Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne, and I loved it, it is a very good read. It is by all means not...

JetBoil (PCS) Personal Cooking System, anyone fancy a cuppa ?

Description: (From their site) Fortify yourself in a flash with our ultracompact 1 liter unit. Ideal for dehydrated meals, coffee or tea on the...

Lone Traveller: One Woman, Two Wheels and the World

After I read Anne's book A Bike Ride, I just had to read one of her other books and got hold of Lone Traveller:...

Ajungilak air pillow from Mammut

We got two Ajungilak air pillows and tested them out for one night and we have a winner. Yes, you can use a t-shirt stuffed...

Tubus Pannier Racks

The Turbus racks are by the look and feel build to last. They do really feel rock solid but are still light. I got two set of the Turbus Cargo's and Ergo's and they take the weight just fine.

New SuperNova E3 Pro and E3 tail light

I wrote to SuperNova asking them about my dying stand light on the front light and the one rather dim rear diode (of three)...

The Long Haul Trucker ruined my bicycles

I'm now coming up to 5,000 miles on the Surly Long Haul Trucker, aka my little Tank, and boy have they been my most...

LHT Cockpit with butterfly handle bar

I'm not a big fan of standard drop bars. The main reason is that I don't feel I got a good grip when it comes to braking when you are riding in the hoods.
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