Here is a few links, in no perticular order, which I have found and truely enjoyed reading and learned a lot from.


yet another cycling forum

LCC (London Cycling Campaign) Local Groups

CTC (Cyclists Touring Club) Forum

cyclo camping forum


touringblog: CTC ‘s cycling touring blog

Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson are bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images – Learn how to travel round the world. Caz and Craig from y Travel Blog share their backpacking tips on independent budget travel. – guide to the web’s best bicycle touring blogs and resources. – cycling the world since 2006

Great Bike Ride, 29,000Km world record attempt

Crazy guy on a bike, is more than just a blog is is many blogs + forums and loads and loads of advices

The Adventure Cycling Guide: Information for adventurous cycle touring

Newlyweds Cycle the World

Bicycle Touring Around the World: Going Slowly

Travelling Two: Biking The World

Rolling Tales : two bikes, one tent and a plan

Bicycle Touring Guide

Bicycle Touring Around the World: cycle tourings best bike tour and travel travelogue story

The Family Adventure Project is a family venture to promote the benefits of active, adventurous family experiences

MISCELLANEOUS – Bicycle traveler an online free magazine – is a free community website about bicycle travel that anyone can edit.

Bicycle Checklist, Bicycle Touring Checklist, Bicycle Camping Checklist

Bicycle Touring 101: Welcome to your next bicycle touring adventure!

The Fully Loaded Touring Bike Photo Gallery is provided by Adventure Cycling Association as a place to share blog feeds from all over the web.

Welcome to the Cycletourer Website – Bicycle Touring & Camping Gear


cycletraining (CTUK)

LCC (London Cycling Campaign)

CTC (Cyclists Touring Club)

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extrawheel trailers

Sweaty Betty

Bicycle and cycle insurance from Cycleguard

Travel Blogs

Feed Shark