Small little meandering pootles exploring the world on our bikes, often with friends and tea.


Took Granny for a ride

Avoided one hill by going the long way around. Had to stop for a breather on Bog Lane. Explore some gravel track, which I...

Flat banana

Set out to have a banana in Ilkey and explore the lanes. Sadly, just after I overtook Otley Cycling Club*, I suffered defeat and...

I would ride 500 miles

YES, I passed 500 miles in a year today o/ Take that Kajsa, Amanda and The Whip aka Alicia :) I got one of these...

Shopping trolley

Just a quick spin out for a bit of provision gathering. I think this is the last ride on this bit of the canal...

MC Spin

Well a ride out and back around Embsay, which a friend mistook for MC. Bit windy on the way back. https://www.strava.com/activities/936221444

Thames Path near Hammersmith

It is possible to follow the Thames path along the river in Hammersmith and Fulham and Chiswich boroughs. I love to dip down to then...

Bang on!

Sleep in* - Blizz! Walkies** - Relaxing! Bike ride*** - smiles! Ice Cream**** - nom! Tour of Yorkshire***** - Brilliant! Beer****** - ahhhh! Sun******* - Warm! * Was needed been after...

Off road on Lewis

A spot of comedy off road, didn't drop, a bent does do off road quite well, just need some more suited tires...

Not Mount Ventoux

In sympathy with the pro's on the Tour de France, I decided to also not cycle Mount Ventoux today. It was the - longest,...

To Betty and back

I had to make sure that our friend didn't get lost and missed Betty's Tea Room in Ilkley as she departed for York. We also...
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Roman Road

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