Small little meandering pootles exploring the world on our bikes, often with friends and tea.

Nose job

Peli said follow your nose when I asked here where to go on my bike ride, so I did. snort :) https://www.strava.com/activities/925075382

The Lost Glove

Just a ride out to celebrate a few things and also to enjoy the wonderful weather ...

Eat too much

Stunning evening and I set out to do a longer loop. But riding up the first hill quickly showed me that dinner was rather...

Record Breaker

Well I'm not the only one breaking records this year. OK, nowhere near the astonishing achievement that Amanda Coker- Ultracyclist - HAM'R 2016, A...

Malham with Mike

Wonderful day out on the bike with a friend from "down there south", who were trying his best to get lost up north. Gratefully he...

Empty streets of London

Well, nearly. I have seen, and been let to believe, that the streets of London will be deserted on 25th of Dec. But they...

A wee outing

Friends descended upon us and rudely took us out for a spin. There was a Nikki on Stan, a wow and Peli on a...

Riding on Lewis

Well, I'm back on a bike after a small hiatus and boy do I feel good o/ We just spent a week on the Isle...

Riding with PG Tips

What a splendid weekend, our good friend PG Tips came for a visit. Loads of laughter and natter late into the night last night....

Shopping trolley

Just a quick spin out for a bit of provision gathering. I think this is the last ride on this bit of the canal...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road