Thank you and good luck


Last Tuesday I went and had a little meet up with other bicycle touring mad people, some clearly madder than me, just. Alastair Humphrey’s came up with the idea of a bicycle tourist meet up. We took over the top of the pub and had a good old natter, oh and a few beers was drunk.

It was great to meet Friedel of the fame, if you are thinking about jumping on your bicycle for a world tour or just a weekend away their website ain’t a bad place to start you read up.

Then I met David,, who have done the around the world off road tour a few years back. David also told me about Vin Cox’s attempt on the world record around the world on a bicycle. You can follow Vin on his site,, he is at the time of press (erm press of the button) cycling across India.

I also meet Justin from who with his partner Emma is just about to leave for their six month tour from Spain to Turkey and then more ?

I also managed to talk to Stephen Lord who wrote the The Adventure Cycle-touring Handbook, definitely the next book on my to read list.

Then there was all the others who I didn’t get their details from, it was great to talk to you all and good luck to all of you.

A special thanks to Alastair Humphrey who got this great idea, though I didn’t get to talk to you, when is the next meet up ?

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