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Mental note to oneself

When you lock up your pride and joy, your new Surly Long Haul Trucker. With a heavy duty D-lock and some serious looking Street...

A bike ride by Anne Mustoe

Anne tells a lie in her book A bike ride, she doesn't cycle 12,000 miles around the world. She only cycles 11,552 miles around...

Ghost visitiation

I really thought that in my line of work I was exempted. Surely, I bring in more people in everyday to the fold, so...

Here boy !

I'm in the process in talking Peli into getting a dog. I have always had a dog, well ok the last 15 years while...

Thank you and good luck

Last Tuesday I went and had a little meet up with other bicycle touring mad people, some clearly madder than me, just. Alastair Humphrey's...

A rather depressing ride aka do we not care ?

Thursday I had to got out to Greenford in west London to pick up my new toy, more about that in another post. Since...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road