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At the point of no return

So on Wednesday the 29 of September 2010 at 12:20 we will be taking of from London and arriving in Melbourne at 20:00 on Thursday the 30th of September.

Mental note to oneself

When you lock up your pride and joy, your new Surly Long Haul Trucker. With a heavy duty D-lock and some serious looking Street...

Ghost visitiation

I really thought that in my line of work I was exempted. Surely, I bring in more people in everyday to the fold, so...

Here boy !

I'm in the process in talking Peli into getting a dog. I have always had a dog, well ok the last 15 years while...

A rather depressing ride aka do we not care ?

Thursday I had to got out to Greenford in west London to pick up my new toy, more about that in another post. Since...

Here we go again …

When Peli came home today she heard the sound of running water. We soon narrowed it down to the pipes behind the shower and...

Let them eat cake!

Apart from my day job I’m also a professional cake eater guinea pig connoisseur. I’m very lucky to have a superb partner who is a whiz in the kitchen and her cake baking skills are unbeatable.

Boxing Day Ride 4.0

Well we didn't see any boxing but there was plenty of natter, drinking and eating cake. Only 16 miles on the bicycles but it...

Rolling rolling rolling

I managed to change the dead ball bearing in the HOPE hub and what can say. It is smoooooth :) Though if there is a next...

Things that just blow your mind

Today on my daily crawl on the 'tinternet I fell over two things that just made me go wow. First one was a picture from...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road