Small little meandering pootles exploring the world on our bikes, often with friends and tea.

Blueberry Hill

erm Blackberry hill ... What a jolly ride, sun, views and Peli. https://www.strava.com/activities/718682832

Riding with PG Tips

What a splendid weekend, our good friend PG Tips came for a visit. Loads of laughter and natter late into the night last night....


I went out for a quick spin because the weather was nice. Sadly I didn't get to take anymore photos, because the battery was...

Cycle to work

Yes, I know that it is tomorrow, but getting ready + bringing the bike out the door takes longer than, walking the long way...

Barden Moor

I set off out not really knowing where I was going, the weather was nice and I fancied a few miles. I ended up...

Float like a butterfly and get stung by a bee

So my nice relaxing evening ride into the sunset had a sting to it. Found a minus to wearing short and riding a bent....

One week

Well it had to be done, a one week wedding anniversary ride. Out to Malham, pub lunch and then back. Started a bit grey...

Glusburn Hills

Ah, standing in supermarket car park having a snack to eat, we haven't done that for a long time. Many a time we have...

To friends

Yesterday I head the utterly gutting sad news, that we have lost yet another good egg, David aka Jellied. We meet through a random...

Free Beer

Today I took a ride out to liberate a beer from the evil Over Lords erm landlord. Who wasn't evil at all as they...
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Roman Road

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Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road