Small little meandering pootles exploring the world on our bikes, often with friends and tea.

Pootle: Putney Bridge to Hampton Court, along the river.

One of my favorite places to cycle in London is on the river path, between Putney Bridge pretty much all the way to Hampton...

Blowing cobwebs

As I suffered a heavy doze of lazy over the last few weeks, I requested a mission from Peli ...

MC Spin

Well a ride out and back around Embsay, which a friend mistook for MC. Bit windy on the way back. https://www.strava.com/activities/936221444

Picking up Peli

Picking up Peli from work and her train home, to test out if she could add a bit of biking to it. The first...


Added a few extra miles on the canal before going shopping. Nearly a whole week worth of shopping in two panniers https://www.strava.com/activities/936221444

Weekends, how do you spend them?

Having a weekend off is not normally something that I'm used to, because of my work I have to work on Saturday and Sundays....

Fun Ride

20 odd miles on the lanes with the ever so wonderful Peli, it always put a smile on me and is jolly good fun...

I know I am

Been utterly lazy this last week, there was always some faffing to do or more tea to drink. A bit dumb since the weather...

Sprung I did.

Well after nearly two month of lazy I sprang into action today and enjoyed a ride in the spring sunshine. A jolly little ride...

Night Rider

Quick little ride out to see if the wiring of the dyno hub light worked, and it did :) That SuperNova E3 PRO is...
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Roman Road

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