Small little meandering pootles exploring the world on our bikes, often with friends and tea.

Flat banana

Set out to have a banana in Ilkey and explore the lanes. Sadly, just after I overtook Otley Cycling Club*, I suffered defeat and...

Owen the Omelette

Again a splendid ride out with Peli. I got to meet our new friend Owen, glad that I'm not going to see more of...


A quick little spin out before the rain. Spotted some swans cooking cygnets, looks like seven, maybe even eight, little ones due, when it...

MC Spin

Well a ride out and back around Embsay, which a friend mistook for MC. Bit windy on the way back. https://www.strava.com/activities/936221444


Added a few extra miles on the canal before going shopping. Nearly a whole week worth of shopping in two panniers https://www.strava.com/activities/936221444

Lost keys

The problem with modern technology is that they need extra bits that you are not used to at first to remember to bring. We...

Fun Ride

20 odd miles on the lanes with the ever so wonderful Peli, it always put a smile on me and is jolly good fun...

Picking up Peli

Picking up Peli from work and her train home, to test out if she could add a bit of biking to it. The first...

There was cake

Ah, the joy of riding with Peli, makes any ride utterly brilliant. There was fun, sun, smiles, up and down hills, oh and there...

Nose job

Peli said follow your nose when I asked here where to go on my bike ride, so I did. snort :) https://www.strava.com/activities/925075382



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road


Off road on Lewis