Various bits I want to talk about and show you, which can't be put into the other categories.

Blog: Walking Tasmania

Hobart, via places in Tasmania, Devonport. Highlights: Fires, mountains, "non-crap" bread, hospitality, wombats.

Blog: Meet Domestique

Highlights: Rain, knife making, pancake rocks, limestone arches, lakes and mountains.

Bike Move…

I have just move house, 6 miles due south in central'ish London. And what is the best way do so, by bike of course....

4, 3, 2, 1 years ago

4 years ago: We had to drastically rethink our world pootle. Because the pain I was suffering. 3 years ago: Still in agony, barely able to work or do day to day things.

it have arrived …

... my winter project got home safe and sound in/on my backpack. So hopefully by spring time I should be spinning around town on...

I’m broken.

You might have noticed the lack of posts on this site since early 2013. The short story is that I’m broken and haven’t been on a bicycle since December 2012.

Blog: “Drop Hide Lose”

We knew that shipping stuff to South America was surrounded by horror stores: parcels lost, returned to sender, and the inevitable long wait. We...

Around Brisbane

Great friends and time had, with beautiful view and weather ranging from sunny to massive rain storm. And so long and thanks for all...

A proper winter …

I have pretty much lived over here for around 15 years now. This "winter" is the first winter that I could a winter.It all...

Blog: “On the road again!”

Puerto Natales, El Calafate, El Chalten, Villa o'Higgins - 85km (Total 790Km cycled) Highlights : The fork finally arrived, we met some great people who...
roman road

Roman Road

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Sheep on the road