Various bits I want to talk about and show you, which can't be put into the other categories.

Blog: Driving Miss Peli

Santa Fe, via Yellowstone, Missoula to Portland, Or. - 0Km cycled but 2200 miles driven (Total 4570km cycled) Highlights : Endless roads, Dinosaurs, Old Faithful,...

The dry run (cycle in Croatia)

We are planing to fly down to Dubrovnik and then cycle up to just north of Split to a town called Trogir along the...

Blog: “Stir-idling-crazy”

Puerto Natales, 0km (Total 705Km cycled) Highlights: Sunny, no wind, steak, lentil stew, waiting, more lentil stew, more waiting, cake swapping and finding out that...

No lake, better check Google Earth

In my dream last night I was getting someone to run across a dried out lake in a forest in Denmark. I woke up enough...

Look Ma, no pain!

First ride outside on my new bike. No pain what so ever in my arms and hands ...

Blog: Mountains in New Zealand

Highlight: Yellow-eyed penguins, scorchio on Christmas Day, New Year in a puddle, mountain walks.

I’m broken.

You might have noticed the lack of posts on this site since early 2013. The short story is that I’m broken and haven’t been on a bicycle since December 2012.

Ouch! Cycle tourer suffering from numb, painful hands, arms & shoulders

I was sure that I had the perfect bike set-up: Mary Bars from On-One, racer stem, and Ergo grips. This has worked perfectly for...

Buenos Aires: sizzling, scorchio, and a cemetery

First of all, if you're wondering why there are no tales or photos of bicycles yet, it's because we're officially Being Tourists in Buenos...

Buenos Aires and the curious incident of the green paint in...

We had breakfast in the hostel - some sweet little mini croissants called medialunas, tea (without milk as only hot was available - Peli...
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