Hopefully one day this site will list all the campsites we stay at when out touring.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like comfort and enjoy a warm shower and a comfy sofa to watch a dvd on. But when I camp I do not expect the site to have great reception of Channel 5 or a 24 hour concierge. I can happily live without being plugged into the grid for 24 hours and therefore do not need a 4 star toilet block within 50 metres.

When I go camping what I look for is a friendly face to welcome me, beautiful settings and just the basics like a portaloo and access to running water, or a shower when needed.

Campsites in Croatia

We spend a week cycle touring in Croatia on the Adriatic, Dalmatia coast where we stayed at 5 different campsites. All where very clean, easy to find and all round good service. Just look out for a sign saying Kamp or Autocamp as they are called, the are scattered all a long the coast.

There is plenty more of campsites that there is listed on the websites I found, but with a bit of searching or asking at the tourist information you will soon find one nearby.

Click here to read my review of the campsites in general in Croatia.

Campsites in England

I have decided to split up the campsite visited in the UK into Wales, England etc. Because I’m sure that we will visit many of them and therefore it would be easier to sort them this way for now.

Like Croatia campsites here are plenty and ranging from bigger sites to a small field behind a pub. Again with a little creative searching on the internet or asking around, you will find a campsite nearby the place you want to visit. You could be luck that the local pub wouldn’t mind you pitching a tent for a night in their back garden.

Just one word of warning some campsites are members of the Camping and Caravan Club and does not take non-members, so do check before you arrive. Though many of these site will let you join for a fee when you arrive.

Campsites in Wales

We have only done one small tour in Wales, but with the campsites we visited there we are for sure to come. Not just because of the country side but also the great service we got. And getting the train out there from London is easy. One of the best things about cycling in Wales apart from the good campsites is that there is plenty of places where you can fill your water bottles.