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Over the last 6-8 month every time there was time for a ride – life, crap weather and some lazy got in the way.

So today all the stars and the house of fry-up was aligned to be a day of riding. Went to the garage to check over the van with the plan to get a ride in while the mechanic did his work. But as he could get to it right then and there I decided to moved the plan around a bit and went to a cafe for a fry up. Sorry for lack of picture but it was nom!

Which also meant that I got to ride in the sun, instead of when it was overcast and also a little shorter pootle. I’m sure that I could have managed to do the extra, but I think it was wise to keep it short after this long hiatus.

I also managed to visit a new Pie come Ale house in town – rude not too.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
6460:08:22 00:58:17 9.01 9.28 27.51 526.90
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.


PS: Now the mission is to make this a habit again.
PPS: Should learn to smile on selfies.

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