Bordley off-road


Went out to check a new route, I knew bits of it would be off-road for about 2 miles. I was prepared to walk/push some of that, but managed most of it. I think I only walked about 50-75 metres. Only time I walked was when I hit a ford with a gate next to it and when joining the bridle coming out from a farm strait up on to the fields.

The biggest issue with going off road on a ‘bent is that when I build up speed and hit a bump, you get thrown around a bit, early doing bunny hops. But if you go at a easy steady speed, it is remarkably stable and easy to ride rough bits. I only had to stop twice and both times was because I lost traction, hard pumped road tires even at 1.5″, are not the best for comedy, well then again, kinda is :)

First time I saved the drop by putting a foot down, scooted forward past the rough and off I went again. Second time I had to step right off as it happened fast and I couldn’t unclip in time to get a foot on the ground fast enough to stop the drop. Let the bike fall, caught the fall of my body with my arms and leg and manged not to roll or fall into the only nettles on that bit of bridle way.

Time to find more off road bits around here and get some cycle cross tyres for the bike :)

Icecream+offroad+pint+hills+fords+views = jolly day out!

Ohh and also I clocked 1000 miles without even noticing :)

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