Racing the Tour de Yorkshire


Set out into the wind over to Bolton Abbey to watch the lads in the Tour de Yorkshire pass. The plan was to have a spot of cake after, but the queue talked Peli into a race.

As in a race back to Skipton to see them come down the high street. I had read we had about 30-40 min to do it in.

Peli shouted in her best Yorkshire “Allez, Allez” off we went. Personal best were set in plenty.

Arrived with shaky legs in downtown Skipton and we had beat the professionals with 10min to spare.

Jolly fast ride and chips afterwards in front of the telly as they finished the race into Fox Valley, makes a grand day out.

Tour de Yorkshire had become a REAL Spring Classic, both women’s and men’s races had me at the edge of the seat. Some of the best cycling I have seen in a while.

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