Lost keys


The problem with modern technology is that they need extra bits that you are not used to at first to remember to bring. We set out to meet Peli’s mum for a wee spin on her lecky-bike. Meet up in Embsay where she had parked up and was ready to go. Sadly while getting her bike ready we noticed that her battery pack wasn’t plugged in all the way. She had taken the battery out and the keys out while charging last night, but only remembered the battery while packing the car. Being a bike lover as mum is she of-course had a spare bike in the car. So we set off on a shorter ride on her folding bike. She did well on the few hills we encountered. Fun, smiles and laughter was had in the sun.

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Oooh, look a personal weekly record too, 62.3 miles :) And I seem to have opened a beer and stat down to watch the Hell of the North, yes it is now officially spring!

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