First wash


Went out to explore a new route and to see how it is to ride on the big roads. Had to do a wee tactical retreat erm detour when the canal became way too muddy. Even the MTB rider who’s tracks I was following sunk in deep and skidded about. Will have to come back when it is dry.

Only saw two others out on this beautiful day, feel sorry for one, as he was walking home. One good thing about these plastic road bikes is that you can easy sling it over your shoulders. First day out on his new bike he told me. Good news is that the snapped off rear derailleur didn’t take out any spokes. But still meant a walk home to Gargrave, about 3.5 miles, from where I meet him.

All the traffic on busy A roads gave me plenty of space and the same for the B roads, which made it a good ride. Though one nutter just had to slow down and kinda force me into the puddle, come lake, by the side of the road. Had plenty of space before and after and time before to overtake. But timed the passing so there was not much space and I had to pull into the puddle just enough to touch the water. Didn’t want to go for a dip, as I didn’t know if there was deep sea fishing or if it was just a paddling pool.

All this playing around in mud and muck from the farmers meant that Tigger needed to meet the garden hose when we got home, glad that he is not scared of water :)

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