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4 years ago: We had to drastically rethink our world pootle. Because the pain I was suffering.

3 years ago: Still in agony, barely able to work or do day to day things.

2 years ago: Gave up working, soldiered on with life, but not able to do much without pain or heavy fatigue.

1 year ago: I had the last specialist telling me that there is nothing they could do for me, other than strong painkillers.

So I went my own way and haven’t felt better for a looong time. Started to cycle and working again. Haven’t had any pain, fatigue or brain fog since. The odd times yes, but every time a small rest is all that was needed, too get back to normal.

Heck even Peli have had to learn that I can do things again. Got so used to my lack of participation in anything. Like the other day I was told that I had to slow down while out walking together.

Every day I remember or do something that I couldn’t do or would get penalised for doing, in the form of extreme pain and fatigue.

Like in the summer of 2015, if I was outside without ear warmers, I would suffer. The other day I was out walking Tilley at night with a light breeze and it was two below brrrr, didn’t need warmers or suffered any pain that night or following morning.

Life is good again!

Oh an added x years ago, on the first of December nine years ago I moved in with Peli !

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