Warm on top


Wrapped up warm and set out in the fog, which lifted as I rode along. No Stephen King about it at all, did wonder if they could have survived if they went up the hills instead. Utterly stunning day out for a bit of riding. Nice and warm up on top of the hills, but as I got into the valleys it became rather brrrr. Some ice in the shadows, but I wasn’t out to hunt records, so too it easy.


Anyway it was way too beautiful out there to zoom along. The light – a proper winters sun, just needed the 2-3 feet of snow – and the sunset was was worth the late start and pit-stop. Lucky my layering worked just spot on, so never cooked or froze my bits off. I had a wee stop in a local brewery that have open up a bar and restaurant on site. Nice pint and the menu didn’t look too bad either, might have to ride out there again one day :)

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