Hiding works


Since yesterday was Bonfire Night, I took Tilley to the hills. She goes spare and gets very distressed when fireworks go off, so a spot of hiding in the Dales was in order.

The wind was high (~25 mph) and temperature was low (1c), though that was the weather forecast for Skiptonia not up on exposed moorland.

We arrived at last light with some chips and mushy peas to go with a bit of sausage and a homebrew or two – you gotta keep warm somehow.


Did a quick walk down to where there was mobile signal to report back to base that we arrived. HQ – that is Peli – reported it was a good idea that we went to hide as fireworks had started early. It was also going on late into the night, HQ reported later. I could see down into the valley and towards Clitheroe and there were plenty of fireworks going that early in the evening too. The nearby farm had a little display, but luckily the wind made enough noise around the van so we couldn’t hear it, just see the light.

Wrapped up warm in the van with a podcast or two we were rocked to sleep by the wind. The bio-breaks ;) during the night really showed how brrr the wind was and how much light the 1/3 moon gave on a clear night.

Tilley woke up at 4:30am to watch her bunnies but sadly there were only sheep to look at, so we managed to go back to sleep until sunrise.

The planned walk up Fountains Fell go cut short, when the path I wanted to use had a big sign saying KEEP OUT and that I forgot to take water bottles, numpty, and was short on food. Did spot a few walkers on top of Pen-y-Ghent, arriving just as the sun hit the top. So instead we had a wee drive back to look at the sun waking the valleys up.

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