Night Rider

supernova e3 multi mount

night riderQuick little ride out to see if the wiring of the dyno hub light worked, and it did :)

That SuperNova E3 PRO is still a fantastic light. I do really like the beam and the warmth/colour of the light. I have no problem with seeing what is ahead on the darkest of country lanes or the towpath next to the canal, and both under a tree cover.

You don’t need the 500-1500+ lumen that other lights are throwing out, you need run time and often more time than they can provide, 1.5 hours on high. The 205 lumen the SuperNova E3 throw out is more than enough.

Reflectors, cat eyes and traffic signs, 100-200 metres ahead light up. I got the beam angled down, so about 4-5 metres ahead I got the centre of it, I will not miss a pothole. Right under me there is enough light to see (remember I got my legs out front on the recumbent) and further ahead I can easy see ducks and other wild life along with the path and road.

I think I got the beam spot on as no on come traffic flashed their high beams, the all switched to a low beam. All traffic that came from behind, slowed right down and gave me plenty of room when it was safe to pass. I got the SuperNova Tail Light and a random cheap’ish battery light – which is rather bright – high up on my seat, on blink.

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