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No flies on me

Well I lied, sorry, there were thousands of the little buggers on me ...

Shopping trolley

Just a quick spin out for a bit of provision gathering. I think this is the last ride on this bit of the canal...

Track Cycling

Went out without any plans, ended up on Barden Moor and thought why the heck not. Turned off the road and went off road....

I know I am

Been utterly lazy this last week, there was always some faffing to do or more tea to drink. A bit dumb since the weather...

Beer Fest Camp

What a splendid ride out to Appletreewick for the Craven Arms Beer Festival with a spot of camping ...

Cold Feet

Might be time to get the warmer socks out. Which reminds me that I need to find my winter shoes, though I can only...
supernova e3 multi mount

Night Rider

Quick little ride out to see if the wiring of the dyno hub light worked, and it did :) That SuperNova E3 PRO is...
cycling again

Thank you, Dr Sarah Myhill

I will try to keep this short and here is the very short version - Thank you, Dr Sarah Myhill

Record Breaker

Well I'm not the only one breaking records this year. OK, nowhere near the astonishing achievement that Amanda Coker- Ultracyclist - HAM'R 2016, A...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road