Review: Shimano MT60 Shoes and M424 SPD Pedals


Today, you are getting a two for one: Just found this review hidden in a draft folder. I have updated it as it was a bit out of date, but it is still very valid.

Just before we were about to set off on our tour in 2012, I had worn out all my shoes and pedals so it was a good time to upgrade and start afresh.

shimano mt60 gore tex mountain bike shoe
Shimano MT60 Gore-Tex Mountain Bike Shoe:

Over the years I have been testing out sandals and other various kind of cycling shoes and pretty much had to get a new pair every year, because I use them all year round, every day and I’m a killer of shoes.

I settled on some Shimano MT60 cycling shoes, simply because from what I read these were very durable and could at a pinch be used as a hiking shoes too. Getting Shimano shoes I always have to go for a size bigger than normal, because of Shimano tenacity to be a wee bit narrow. I also wanted to be able to fit some thick socks for warmth when wearing the MT60. So I ended up with UK size 12, I felt the right old clown at first, since is a nearly two numbers bigger to what I normally wear.

To the touch they felt heavy and very durable, best of all I could fit them to my feet and they stayed put when when I was climbing some real hard climbs. The weight I soon got used to and the grip was pretty good when walking tarmac or the pavement.

While touring I gave them a good old beating, what they call roads in Patagonia is what we would call a gravel pit. So a lot of the time was spend walking in them since with the wind and the rough roads it was rather impossible to cycle at times.

They were nice and warm and still comfy after a long day in the saddle. The only down side with them is that when water got in, they took a long time to dry out. But that isn’t really a minus for this kinda shoe that is nearly a boot.

I ended up using them as hiking shoes for a long period and we did walk on some rough mountain tracks which gave the shoes a good work out. I had to take the cleat off to be able to have a better grip, for shorter walks you can leave the cleats in or use the plastic cover that comes with the MT60s. Though they are rather smooth, I don’t know how your grip would be while walking.

The MT60 did die after being used for nearly 12 months solid. As the were my only shoe while touring they got walked in everyday for hours on end. On all kinds of surface, gravel, tarmac etc which I’m sure they were not really made for, the sole got cut/ripped/worn to bits and the area where you fit the cleats broke from the heavy hiking.

I liked the Shimano MT60 Gore-Tex Mountain Bike Shoes so much that I wanted to a new pair only to find out that Shimano has stopped making them, just my luck. I think the MT71 are the follow ups but again they are also discontinued, so the hunt for a new durable all year round shoe is still on. If they make these again I will get another pair, as I’m sure if I only used them as a cycling shoe and walking into shops/office/home – I would be able to have a cycle shoe for more than a year.

I’m giving these five oiks, please do make them again:

woolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratings

spd m424 shimano
Shimano M424 SPD Pedals:

You might have read my reviews about the old versions of Crank Brothers Eggbeaters and Candy Cs which I loved, but kept breaking. I was very tempted with the new version of the Eggbeaters but with the price hike for the new version and that there would be a very good chance that I couldn’t easy get Crank Brothers spares where we were going. Yes, I know you can service the CB’s but that is not something you want to think about while touring.

I decided to go for SPDs and pretty much guaranteed worldwide brand, Shimano M424 SPD Pedals.

I had read that these takes a good old beating and is recommended for cycle touring. These fitted very well with the above shoes, MT60, right out of the box, though there was a little squeak which was quickly sorted with a sharp knife.

I used the MT60 shoes and M424 SPD pedals combo for a year and over 8000 miles while touring and commuting and they did get a good old beating. At times I had to drop the bike and it landed on the pedals, I have stomped on them, kicked them to get my shoes clean. My feet has always stayed put on the pedals and come off when I needed my feet to clip out. Bar a few scratches they are just as good as new, spins beautifully still, no play.

I only have two small gripes with them. Firstly that when my shoes are dirty I struggled with clipping in, therefore the kicking, not like the Eggbeaters when you just apply foot to the pedal and off you go. Quite a few times I had to clean the pedal or shoe to get dirt out, which I never had to do with any of my Crank Brothers pedals.

Secondly, I was hoping that I could use normal shoes very easy with them, like my Keen sandals. But since the clipping in part of the pedal stick up and over the cage, it felt like you were stepping on a small stone when using the pedals with none SPD shoes and you didn’t have a good grip on the pedal.

That said I will stay with Shimano SPD pedals, cheaper than the new Eggbeaters, ok don’t look as cool, but much more durable. OK, I know that Crank Brothers have updated their pedals, but they are now out of my price range, and I still read that people have problem with them.

Since I got back on the bike again I just took them from the dusty Surly and fitted them to the Azub Six. Not even a squirt of oil was needed, even after nearly three years of no use. Fit and forget.

Five oinks for sure, and I will get new ones when these wear out, or maybe the M520 (Peli got a pair and I honestly can’t remember when we got them, I have just moved them from bike to bike as needed). Which I think will be waaay into the future, because if they survived the beating I gave them three years ago, they will last for a fair while yet.

woolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratingswoolly ratings


  1. Shimano replaced the MT71 with the XM7.

    I’ve had a pair of MT71s for a couple of years now and use them for commuting and touring. I like them so much that when they were discontinued I bought a second pair that are in the box ready to come out when the existing ones die.

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