Cycle to work


Yes, I know that it is tomorrow, but getting ready + bringing the bike out the door takes longer than, walking the long way to work. So I did it today and which would also mean that I’m not too tired tomorrow night.

Ride took me up the steepest hill yet 20%, which I managed. Just past the steepest bit, yet not at the top, I had to stop not to put my lungs back in. To let two somewhat nervous horses see that it was a human on this weird contraption. I know I could have done the whole bit, but the rest was enjoyed :)

It is not often that you see Pendle Hill nearly hidden by a heat haze even at the height. I even managed half of what we called the roller coaster (aka Skipton Old Road) and no not just the downhill, I started at the bottom.

What I noticed regarding the other road users: Pedestrians – Smiles, Cyclist – Smiles, Horse riders – Smiles, Car drivers – miserable bunch of people. Come on, it is mid Sept, the weather is utterly brilliant and you live in a stunning corner of the world.

Anywhoooo – remember that tomorrow is Cycle To Work Day, so get on your bike and ride, even if I cheated today.

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Wow I’m not the last up the steep hill, even if I had to stop for horses :)

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