Barden Moor


barden moorI set off out not really knowing where I was going, the weather was nice and I fancied a few miles.

I ended up at the bottom of Barden Road in Embsay and went – why not give it a go. I set myself a target to get to the first turn and kick up, if I could do that I would be happy. Arrived and felt good and there was new tarmac so the ride was smooth.

“If you can make it all the way to the top without stopping, the first pint is on me” – I said to myself.

Near the top I got overtaken by a cyclist who asked if I had just ridden up “that” (meaning the steep bit), yes I answered, “Brilliant, well done” was the reply.

And since I’m not one to break my own words, I ordered a nice refreshing pint from Copper Dragon and gave it to myself as a job well done.

Oh, look at that I’m not the slowest up the Barden Road climb, I think it is about 15% on the steepest.

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