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Yesterday I head the utterly gutting sad news, that we have lost yet another good egg, David aka Jellied. We meet through a random cycling forum, pootles, work (cycle training, Dr Bike etc) and even a beer festival.

Sadly we both let busy lives so we didn’t to meet that often. But when we did it was something to look forward to and remember. Always with a smile and no matter what others say – your jokes are funny! It was great to natter with you, knowledge and passion about bike, jokes etc.

“Two cannibals are eating a clown. One of them looks up and says, ‘Does this taste funny to you?'”

So, today I set out for a ride in memory of Jellied. While enjoying a cold ale to his name, another name popped into my head – Why does the good eggs always go first?

Alan aka Jogler, we sadly lost you some time ago. We didn’t meet often but you definitely had a part in my life.

I’ve had WAY too few pootles, cakes, pies, ales and jokes with you both.

Jogler and Jellied, you will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. All the best to the families.

Oh bugger it, got something in my eye …

Pedal on.

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