Malham with Mike


Wonderful day out on the bike with a friend from “down there south”, who were trying his best to get lost up north.

Gratefully he didn’t, and we meet up at the Dalesman Cafe in Gargrave for some fuel aka a fry up, just before they opened their doors. After a good natter we mounted our steeds and headed towards Malham.

I have never ridden this so was a bit worried how I would managed. Great news I manged out and back :)

A sport of silly motorists – I’m on a recumbent about the same height most drivers, yet they didn’t see much further than their bonnet. I spotted over the hedges and and holes in the dry stone walls, that there were two big lorries coming towards us. Before I got time to prepare to find a place to pull over, as it is narrow country lanes. The numpties overtook us and had to slam on the brakes, do a spot of reversing and cause the lorries to pull right into the grass verges to make room.

Other than that the drivers gave us plenty of room and happily waited behind us until there was room to over take with good space. Even got a “that look comfy” from the lorry drivers.

Spot of rain on the way home and it was warm enough to not bother to put on a jacket.

All in all this was a grand day out with a friend whom we don’t see enough.

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