Free Beer


Today I took a ride out to liberate a beer from the evil Over Lords erm landlord. Who wasn’t evil at all as they let me cash in my free beer voucher. Ok, it was only for a pint of numbers, aka 1664, but it did hit the spot. Since I set out too hard and had to stop and rest on the hill out of Bradly. The sun was out as I arrived to the pub and beer garden.

I also found that Tigger, aka Azub Six, did very well on the rough canal towpath, so single tracking next?

Oh and I did a good deed too, a punter arrived with his dog and it laid a “deposit”. He didn’t have a poop bag on him and was just about to head to the car to pick one up. So to save him that journey I gave one of mine, hazard of owing a dog, poop bags in every pocket.

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