We went out riding, Me and my girlfriend Sue, erm Peli

riding with sue

riding with sueWent out for a little ride with Peli today and the song Riding with Sue got stuck in my head. Many versions out there, but D-A-D’s version, on their fantastic album “Call of the Wild“, is of-course the best – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKqjtNhSVSQ. Here is some of the lyric that spun around in my head …

We went out riding
Me and my girlfriend Sue
Riding through the desert
Where noone ever gets through

Oh, and I managed to ride up Bog Lane without a stop, so 2-1 it stand now. Better, yet Peli did so too first go after a long time of of the bike, she is a top cyclist that lass :)

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