Ship O’hoy!


Azub Six
Today’s ride was rather eventful.

One of the mini narrow boats, that people hire for the day, tried to beach itself. I spotted it right on the other bank, coming at full sail – yeah I know, but you know what I mean – out from the over hanging trees. Which mean that the cap’t had already stuffed it up, but missed the bank. Then the three shipmates on the bridge did now’t, nada, while they looked at the opposing bank approaching fast. Nobody cut the motor or tried to steer to turn the boat. So with a big wham went into the bank, amazingly they didn’t spill any white wine in this event.

My attempt to cycle all the way up today’s biggest hill failed, when I noticed that the non drive side crank arm was lose. So I had to pull over into a wee lay-by, which also was the entrance to the cemetery. So it was not too bad a stop, as there was a good view over Bradley to be enjoyed.

Next I stopped to look at some horses and to enjoy the views, not a bad spot for a bike ride.

Missed the steam train in Draughton, but not the smell of burning coal. Learned that going from south to north is the way through this little village, as the road is rather steep. Then home via downtown Skiptonia.

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