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ViewRanger GPS app - Grassington Walk
Went for a wee little walk with the “Cotswold’s”. I had found the walk on the ViewRanger GPS app – Grassington Walk.

We meet up in “downtown” Grassington, it was windy but it looked like this rain would stay away – famous last words.

The nearly 7 miles starts with a wee climb out of the village and up the moore. Most of that is on roads, though there is a field to cross. It has been very wet the last few months, so it was rather boggy.

Once up on the top – not a bad hill to get up, gentle slope – it is pretty much downhill and flat along the river all the way back to the start.

The walk down the small valley is ranter nice, out of the wind (and now out of the driving rain) past the old mines. Is rather nice and very enjoyable. Though because of all the rain of late and today the stream was fun to cross over.

We tried a few times, ended to jumping from stone to stone and “throwing/passing” Tilley to each other.

The river Wharfe was rather full and had burst its banks onto the path. Lucky it had subsided a bit so we could walk along it all the way home. IF we had been there earlier in the year we could see that we wouldn’t have been able to.

The return leg was right into the win and the now heavy rain at times. So we all were rather moist by the time we got back to cars.

But the good company made up for it.

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