Look Ma, no pain!


First ride outside on my new bike. No pain what so ever in my arms and hands, which makes this the first ride on a bike in over three years that didn’t hurt – as in utterly painful/agony/aw!

I took Tigger, as he is named, down to the flat bit at the bottom of the hill. After two wobbling starts, no drops. I went feck it and went down on the canal, as in cycled down to the canal!!!

And did a little over five and a half miles.

azub six recumbent

Only pain to report is a wee bit of a pain in the right knee, because I have forgotten that it is a good idea to gear down when one stops.

I wobbled like no tomorrow and need to learn that you don’t lean into the handle bars. Also turning is a bit fun as you can’t see where you front wheel is pointing. I was happy that there wasn’t much traffic on the canal, because I was grinning/laughing like a loon.

Since the weather was perfect today I went out for a second ride, I went shopping, not something I get pleasure from, but today I was ecstatically joyful, a two mile round trip on my bike, something that I haven’t been able to do for three years, felt soooo fantastic.

Ha! My return to cycling was not good enough for Google Fit to record it as cycling. Only 0.2 miles was recorded, rest walking :)

Boy, It feels good to be riding again.


  1. Great to see you are riding again, we love our recumbents. I rode 5000 miles across the USA last year without a single pain. I wouldn’t last 20 miles on an upright bike!! Wishing you many more happy painfree miles, enjoy…?

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