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Fighting the lurg

Our crimbo was spend in bed, with a delivered meal - thanks! Peli's mum, fighting a lurgy.

Burning daylight

Faffing and waiting for a heavy rain/hail shower to pass, meant a late departure ...

First wash

Went out to explore a new route and to see how it is to ride on the big roads ...

4, 3, 2, 1 years ago

4 years ago: We had to drastically rethink our world pootle. Because the pain I was suffering. 3 years ago: Still in agony, barely able to work or do day to day things.

The Lost Glove

Just a ride out to celebrate a few things and also to enjoy the wonderful weather ...

Failed walk, Simon

We set out to walk up to see Simon and see how comfy his seat is. Heard the views are grand, but not so soft, from it.

Warm on top

Wrapped up warm and set out in the fog, which lifted as I rode along ...

Blowing cobwebs

As I suffered a heavy doze of lazy over the last few weeks, I requested a mission from Peli ...

Hiding works

Since yesterday was Bonfire Night, I took Tilley to the hills ...

White Rabbits

I had planned a bigger ride today, but yesterdays spot of Pilates was felt ...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road