We’re off to do that thing


You know, that thing. That thing you’ve been day dreaming about for years. That thing that you’ve wished that one day you’d be able to do. That thing that your friends have become somewhat deaf to, since you have been going on and on about it for years, but have never got around to it. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the right moment. Or maybe you’ve just never pulled your finger out and done something about it.

Well, that thing! It begins on 6 January 2012. Yes, we decided that if we waited until we were truly ready then we’d never get going, so on that date we begin our longest pootle ever, in search of the best tea and cake, and a smattering of adventure along the way.

We have already sold, packed or binned our gubbins and cycled out of the door of our flat. We also had all the vaccinations needed, booked the tickets and packed our panniers.

touring together

The plan? Well, after a quick family visit to the Pennines over the festive season we’ll fly out to Ushuaia, Argentina, then aim north for New York, USA, via Lima and Portland, to name but a few places. How long this will take is anyone’s guess. We’ve no date to be home by, so if we get tired and want to hang around in a place for a bit, we’ll do just that. We’ll just see how it goes. We might run out of money, get tired or find a place to explore for longer before we
are back on these shores.

We’ll be updating the blog as and when we can as we make our way northwards. So, it’s hasta la vista for now. We’ll be back. At some point.

Happy riding!

Woolly & Peli aka Henrik & Vicky


  1. Excellent!!!! Can’t wait to read the installments already!!

    All the best & have a great journey!!!

    Please please please advise where the best tea is served. Would love to sample it on my motorbike one day in the not too distant future!!

    Enjoy!!! :-)

  2. We are both so happy for you and jealous at the same time! Have a wonderful life changing trip. Cant wait to read all your updates and hear all your stories. Maybe we can meet along the way? You still going to Japan too? Happy Christmas and New.Year to you both! Elios & Yuki xxx

  3. Hey, how exciting!! It sound absolutely wonderful. I don’t know many people who would throw caution to the wind and go for their dream – in the way you both are doing. I hope it all goes beautifully well and that it answers all your wishes. What a way to start the year! Wishing you a great 2012. Love Shelley

  4. Henrik, I always knew that you were crazy but what have you let Vicky talk you into…….whatever you do, don’t go back to England it’s not great anymore (as i’m sure you are well aware) and I expect to see a selection of awesome photos on this blog.

    Be safe and have a mind-blowing trip

    Ian Martin

  5. It’s gonna be a great Adventure! By the way, the Photos that you guys took are awesome !;)
    I’ll be doing the same thing soon!!!

  6. Bonne chance et bonne poutelle!

    Il ya toujours de thé et de gâteau ici à Prittlewell. Et de fromage… Beaucoup de fromage!


  7. Envy you guys starting in a warm climate.Currently in Japan a the lows have been single digit and minus on atleast 5 days out of 21 so far, about to hit the island of Shikoku tomorrow, hope all your wind is only tail winds.


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