Sell, keep or bin?

recycle bin sell

recycle bin sellWe are busy packing up our stuff before we depart on our big pootle. Boy, do you collect stuff that you haven’t got a clue why you have it, stuff that you have plenty of copies of and stuff that might have seemed a great idea at the time but which has never been used.

I have been digging through our piles of stuff, hidden behind doors, in cupboards and boxes around the flat. It’s a very slow process since every time you find a new object you just have to have a play with it, like the slinky, Rubik cube and yo-yo :). Some things you have to try to figure out what the heck it is and even whether you can match it to something else you’ve found in another part of the flat. Then test it to see if still works. I think I have found at least 20 sets of headphone in various quality, lengths and working order.

And then there are the two golf balls. Where did they come from, I am not even daft enough to play golf!

The big question remains: do we sell, keep or bin? When I moved to the UK I used a trick. If I had used it in the last month then I would keep it. If I hadn’t used it in the last six months it was binned, or I gave it away if someone wanted it.

Books, computer cables, clothing and other little nicknacks have just piled up in the last nearly four years we have been living here. We are also setting up an Fleabay account and asking friends if they would mind awfully storing some of our stuff while we are away.

The other big question is do we keep gubbins such as plates, pots and other household stuff, since we’re bound to come back again at some point. Or, do we start with a total clean sheet and get rid of everything?

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