Review of Rushbanks Farm Campsite, Bures Road, Nayland, Colchester, Suffolk CO6 4NA


a review of Rushbanks Farm, Bures Road, Nayland, Colchester, Suffolk CO6 4NA

Description: (From Rushbanks Farm is a minimum facility site. It is the only official site on the banks of the River Stour and is very suitable for boaters and canoeists. Tents Caravans and Campers are all welcome.

Site visited: 17-19 June 2011.

As seen on the blog: Touring with the Wows.

Peli and Wow found this site while out pootling a week or so ago, and our unfinished business of cycle touring with the Wows became a plan.

The site is situated around two miles away from Nayland and around three from Bures where there is a train station. This made getting to the campsite very easy from Colchester, Sudbury and even London. Rushbanks Farm is a working farm so access is down a gravel track to the River Stour. This made the site nice and quiet, away from traffic noise. (Though the big bull across the water could make a bit of a holler when calling his ladies to court.)

There is a small toilet block with a ladies and gents (two toilets in the ladies, one toilet and two urinals in the gents) at the campsite with cold running water and you can even borrow a fire pit. There are a few mini jetties so you could easily arrive by canoe or kayak. The swing over the water was too much of a temptation for me, even when the wind was rather cold, and I just had to have a go. I can report that the water is nice and fresh and deep enough for a swim.

The good news was that even though we were right next to the river we did not get visited by the BBs at all during the two days we spent there. It must have been the rather damp weather that kept them at bay. The amount of rain we had the days before and the fact that we pitched right on the bank of the river had me a bit worried, but the ground was just damp, not soaked, so it didn’t turn into a mud pit.

Sadly the only problem we had on the site was that the dog owners couldn’t read the many large signs dotted around the site asking dog owners to clean up after their mutts, and keep them on a lead. There were at least three dog owners who didn’t abide by these rules, so we had to thread a bit carefully when walking around the site.

Contact Site:

www : No website as of yet so here is the listing on
phone : 01206 262350


A brilliant little campsite next to the River Stour where we spent two lovely days, though the dog poo (inconsiderate owners ignoring the signs) means it didn’t get a maximum ‘oink’ rating.


  1. Don’t go there it’s terrible the water is dirty / littered and totaly unsafe it’s noisey all night you’ll get no sleep it is like hell

    • Sound like you didn’t have a good time there. We really enjoyed our stay and it looked like the other guests enjoyed their stay too. The water was very clean and plenty of kayaks and swimmers in the water, including me :)


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