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Dahon fudges cycle storeDescription: Fudges CycleStore has fast become one of the biggest and best cycle shops. Specialising in Dahon Folding Bikes, Brompton Folding Bikes, Sram and Look custom road bike builds and an extensive range of bikes for the whole family from Specialized and Trek. We are setting new levels of service not seen before.

Shop visited: Continuously.

Three years ago I ordered my Dahon Speed Pro TT from D Fudge & Sons Ltd aka Fudge’s Cycle Store. At the time they were the only one who did Cyclescheme.co.uk at same time having one in the shop for me to try.

Looking aside the fact that I didn’t get along with the Dahon, I only got good service from Fudge’s. Even when my frame got a crack, I just emailed them with a photo of the crack. After a few emails to and fro I was told that was a frame waiting for me. I was lucky that it was with in the five years frame guarantee and that I managed to get hold of the last frame.

We cycled up there with Chutney (the Dahon) on the trailer and were told that it would take 30min to transfer the bottom bracket and forks. We headed to the nearby pub and sat in the sun, while we waited for a SMS from the shop to let us know that it was ready to pick up.

30 odd minutes later we got the SMS and we headed back to find my new frame ready to pick up. Simply brilliant and great service. The good news is that I got new version of the frame, which have reinforced the bit I broke and it have v-brakes too.

Fudge’s Cycle Store is one of the oldest if not the oldest bicycle shops in London. It also have what is probably the biggest choice of folding bicycles ranging from the classic Brompton’s and Dahon’s to Pacific Carry Me Mini Folding bikes.

As local bicycle shop well worth a visit.

Shop contact:

www : http://www.fudgescyclestore.com/
phone : + 44 (0) 20 8969 5991

Always a service with a smile, even when it is somewhat chaotic at rush hour. The SMS to let you know that your bicycle is ready for pick up is a great idea, haven’t seen that before.



    My experience with those guys is that they seem very friendly when selling you their stock, but as soon something goes wrong they start patronising you and blaming you for whatever is wrong. That would probably explain quite few good reviews here. I have read all positive reviews here and I would ask those people (who left positive reviews) if they have had anything wrong with the items (or service) they bought and if the problem has been dealt satisfactory by the shop. I suspect the answer would be “NO”.

    Anyway, I will only state the facts of what happened to me and you make your own judgement. I spend over £1000 for the bike in the store recently.

    1- At the date of bike purchase I also bought £35 pump. Few days after the purchase I wanted to top up the tyre pressure and as soon I started using it the pump fell apart. “No problems” I thought, “things like this happen and I will replace the pump tomorrow in the shop”. I was faced with accusations that I have not used the pump properly and it was my fault. When I told them what happened and that I just bought the pump they told me the best they can do is to send the pump back to the manufacturer and see what the manufacturer will decide. When I mentioned that as per Consumer Act and Sales of Goods Act if the goods purchased do not perform (i.e. pump – pumping the air into a tyre), the consumer has a right for a full refund or replacement item on the spot. Still, they refused to change the pump and I did not have other option but to walk away from the shop. Not only their decision was illegal, they could not care less that I just spend over £1000 for the bike few days ago. Only when I contacted the head office (by the way, my complain is only about Paddington shop), I received a new pump by the post within 3 days.

    2- I took the bike for the first (free) service, 2 months after the purchase. There was nothing wrong with the bike but I was advised by Fudgecycles to do it as soon as possible. The bike came back well greased, but the gears were making some noise. Since I am fairly mechanical person I Googled some tips and sorted the gearing myself. However after a day of use the bike developed some other ticking noise.

    3- I checked everything and concluded that the noise is coming from the back wheel. Even when I am not pedalling (so only the wheel is spinning) there is the noise; so it’s either wheel bearings or spokes. I took the bike back to the store and explained clearly details where the sound is coming from and what have I checked. When I came to collect the bike, I found that they took the whole lot apart and even took pedals of?????? The mechanic told me that he was not told any of what I have said to the manager (do they talk to each other!!!??!!!) so he took everything apart. When I said that the pedals bearings now have some play (I 100% know that I have checked that when trying to investigate where the noise is coming back; and there was no play), he just looked blank at me. The gears were completely messed up and making a lot of noise. Again they refused to take any responsibility and remedy their wrong doings. I took the bike to other place, paid £35 and had it sorted.

    I may just be extremely unlucky guy and every time I went there with one problem, I came back with 2 bigger problems. I gave them 3 chances. I was thinking they were good guys. Yes, they are very friendly; but only until something goes wrong – then it is you who messed it up.

    I would call them incompetent people – mechanically, professionally and legally incompetent. My advice would be GO ELSEWHERE AND BUY YOUR BIKE AND BIKING GEARS OR SERVICE THE BIKE.

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