Where are my lungs?


Today we went out on our first ride on our fixed bicycles in nearly two years. Now that is a different experience to our Surly Long Haul Truckers, which we have pretty much not been off since we got them two years ago.

We can really feel our muscles now even after only 14 miles around Richmond Park. We have become so used to our sofas over that last two years. Getting to a hill you just go down in your gears and plod on. On the fixed you just had to “attack” up the hills there is no resting.

We still remembered that you had to keep pedalling and never had the famous fixed moment. But we did keep going in our heads “keep pedalling, keep pedalling”

We did manage all the lumps in the park without getting off the bike, but it was rather hard. Our lungs were hanging on the outside a few times. It is a different kettle of fish to climb a fully loaded touring bike up a 25% hill.

Our arms, legs and bums are rather tired after this short and much faster spin. I’m glad that I said no to the question “an other lap” from Peli, as getting up from the chair is rather hard.

But was it fun oh YES ! Look out for future Tuesday Night Fixie Rides coming up over on yacf, yes multi geared bicycles are welcome too.


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