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SEALSKINZ WATERPROOF GLOVES ultra grip glovesHaving tried out SealSkinz waterproof socks, with great success, I just had to try out their gloves.

Sealskinz Waterproof Ultra Grip Gloves: Link

I wouldn’t say that I have big hands, but even the XL versions are rather tight at first. But after a few weeks using them they loosen up, but still a tight fit. The best bit of the tight glove is that you get a great grip on what ever you are holding and a feel of what you are touching.

They state that they are 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof membrane. With merino wool “for excellent wicking and thermal performance” these parts are somewhat true.

They surely are warm when it is above 5c and you are active. Gentle walk isn’t enough to heat them up if it is below 0c. When I cycle with them they take a long time warm up on really cold days.

The waterproof’ness you gotta take with some salt, they are not, think a wetsuit. And the breath-ability too, when it is over 5c and you are active your glove get rather wet inside from sweat. I would say 20 min cycling in heavy cold rain your finger are wet but still warm.

The main problem with these gloves is that when wet they take a long time to dry. And also takes a long time to get warm again even when you are very active. They are a real pain to take off and put back on when wet. I have used them as cycling gloves, taken then of at the cafe stop. And 20min later when you are about to hit the road again they are like bags of ice to put on. It is not fun to start cycling again with them on, as there is no heat in them what so ever, when they are wet even with the merino wool “for thermal performance” it takes a long time to heat up if at all.

That said they are great gloves to work with even when you are fettling small bits on your bike. You do have a great grip on everything you hold with them on.

I have tried to use NicWax for fabric on them to make them more waterproof that didn’t help one bit.

sealskinz all weather cycle glovesAll Weather Cycle Gloves with gel Link

I was looking for some gloves that are a warmer when cycling and just being out side in the cold. So I gave The All Weather Cycle Gloves from SealSkinz which they state are 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof.

Well the waterpoof’ness was great until I cycled for two hours in heavy rain. They have’t really been the same on the waterpoof since. Though they do keep the water out for much longer than Ultra Grip ones.

Breathable, naa as soon it is over 0c and I have cycled more than 20min my fingers are getting rather wet from sweat.

Windproof, that they are for sure, which is great to keep your fingers warm.

Good thing about these gloves is that they do warm up much faster than the Ultra Grip ones. It must be the fleecy inner that help there. Only 5-10min riding and my finger are warm even when the glove is wet and cold. Though again they are rather hard to put on when wet.

I have the XL version and they just a wee bit small, I can’t have a silk liner on while wearing these for sure. They have stretched a very little in the time I have had them. For some reason the medium version, that Peli have, are very tight around the wrist. Where the XL are just snug. The elastic band around the wrist does make a rather big mark on her wrists even without using the wrist strap.

The All Weather Cycle Gloves are not good to do some fettling with. Yes the bigger jobs are ok but when things are getting small it is hard to pick them up and hold.

Over all they are really good quality gloves, picking a set I do not know, it really depends on what you are doing. I have read elsewhere that they are waterproof and warm in colder temperatures. But that I really think depends on how cold and warm you feel and is. If you naturally have cold fingers these SealSkinz are not for you. They are made of good quality materials, they will last a long time for sure. I have used both of set of gloves heavily, yes there is some rips in the Ultra Grips but that is after long and hard(rough) use.


Would love to give them more, because of the quality, but since they are not as waterproof as stated and that I have suffered cold fingers on many rides. Four oinks is the most I can give.

Link :


  1. I really love the SealSkinz waterproof socks but I found the gloves to be a totally different experience. In my opinion they aren’t really waterproof or very breathable. they do work to keep your hands warm and dry though as long as it’s not raining :)

  2. Oh how I wish I’d known about the SealSkinz waterproof wool gloves before the start of this winter! I’d still like a pair, but am having a hard time finding them for sale online. Thanks for the review!

  3. Overall I’m very satisfied with my SealSkinz gloves and socks. The windblockers to an excellent job of keeping the chill out.

    The only complaint from me about SealSkinz is that the waterproof socks start smelling after just one wearing.

  4. I’ve had mixed results with their socks- make sure you don’t wear them outside your trousers/tights or rain leaches in past the waterproof lining and they fill up with water. To be fair, hardly a drop leaks out, so from that point of view they *are* waterproof! That said, they are the warmest socks I own.
    Their ‘All weather’ gloves are dreadful. They seem to take an age to warm up, and when they do, the breathable lining doesn’t, erm, breathe, so they fill with sweat. This is so bad I have no idea whether the damn things are actually waterproof! The gloves themselves are very well constructed, and will probably last a good couple of years, worse luck.
    Have a look at the Oxford chillout range. I think they’re motorcycle inner gloves, but they’d just need some rubber pads on the wear points to be perfect cycling gloves.


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