A new year dawns …


cycling touring in New Zealand… and what are your plans for 2011 ?

Last year saw us in Wales in April for a three day sunny mini tour. Then in September on our warm up tour we cycled up north. What we warmed up for was our first big tour – two months in Australia and New Zealand which we truly enjoyed.

This year for various reasons we can’t do another long tour but we are already planning some smaller tours.

In late May/June we are off for a 11 day tour in southern Denmark seeing parts that I haven’t seen for a long time. We will be joined by some good friends.

Then in July/August we are heading out to southern France (or there abouts) where we will spend a week or so touring before heading up to the Pyrenees.

If everything goes well we should be off out again in September for another tour with some friends we made in New Zealand. Location and distance are still to be planned, but we would love to have a trip to Italy.

Then we are going to top this up with some shorter tours for a long weekend or some S240s here in the UK over spring and summer.

Happy riding where ever you are going in 2011.


  1. UPDATE : oops I just remembered that while in Melbourne we agreed with our friends there to join them on part or the whole lot of their John O’Groats to Lands End (or the other way around) in September.

    And I just received an email from a friend in Sydney who is thinking about coming to Europe this year and might do a cycle tour while here in France or Southern Germany.

    This means that we are going to have a busy year and that we gotta plan our year a little be better to get time to cycle with all our friends.

  2. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a great time in Wales.

    My plans for 2011 are, work hard ar my degree and save to go to New York in 2012, its going to be a bit of an interim year!

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