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We’re off to do that thing

You know, that thing. That thing you've been day dreaming about for years. That thing that you've wished that one day you'd be able...
travel clinic vaccinations yellow fever hepatitis B hepatitis A typhoid rabies tetanus polio anti-malarial

Travel vaccinations

We are getting closer to the day of departure so it is time to get the right jabs. What vaccinations to get, well that...
recycle bin sell

Sell, keep or bin?

We are busy packing up our stuff before we depart on our big pootle. Boy, do you collect stuff that you haven't got a...
supernova e3 tail mount

New SuperNova E3 Pro and E3 tail light

I wrote to SuperNova asking them about my dying stand light on the front light and the one rather dim rear diode (of three)...

Meet the Hypercracker

If you are a cycle tourer or keen cyclist you might know what I'm talking about. It is so many years ago I have...

Extrawheel trailer

Using a trailer when touring is a very personal thing. Some people can't do without one, while others manage to tour the world without....

New rear wheel

Some of you know that I have been pondering what rear back wheel to build for a long time, because my old rear wheel...

Adventure Cycle Touring Handbook

I met Stephen Lord a few years ago at a event at The Royal Geographical Society in London. We had a good old chat...

Washing a down sleeping bag

Our Alpkit Skyehigh sleeping bags are getting a bit smelly even with the silk liners. We have tried a few times to organise to...

There’s a hole in the pannier, dear Peli, dear Peli

Come sing along with me ... There's a hole in the pannier, dear Peli, dear Peli, There's a hole in the pannier, dear Peli, dear Peli, Then...
roman road

Roman Road

azub six off road

Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road