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cycling in New ZealandThis is a special thank you post. You could call it our ‘Oscars’ though there is no order or ranking in this list. I’m sure I will forget someone, so thank you to everyone who helped in our tour in one way or another.

Fi and Chris, Melbourne: You were our first guides on our tour and your hospitality, especially when we were badly jetlagged, was simply brilliant. Thanks for guiding us round the great cycling city of Melbourne, showing us the beautiful Dandenong hills, and giving us pointers about routes in New Zealand. And how can we forget the delicious homemade bread and bananaananana porridge each day. You made us feel really at home.

Anthony and Nicole : You were fantastic hosts, even though we invaded your flat with our panniers and took up most of your living room floor! Anthony, your guided cycle tour of the Blue Mountains was definitely one to remember. For good reasons! I hope you get to use your new touring gear loads. And what great service, getting collected by Nicole and driven back to the city at the end of the ride. Thanks also for for introducing us to City Depot bike shop and helping us sort the bike light crisis!

SandyV: What can I say? What great service: showers, tea, bike boxes, packing materials, taxi-booking, use of your office, and all with a smile. Not to mention hosting us in your stunning flat with views of the city, a good old chinwag about cycling late at night, and a recommendation of a great restaurant serving bush tucker! A great example of the yacf community.

Ian and famille: sadly it was short but it was brilliantly sweet. As well as catching up on the gossip and admiring your stunning house, we enjoyed climbing trees in the rainforest, tucking into a delicious barbeque, jumping on the trampoline, and who can forget the great game of stick-throwing for Toby?

Adam and Anna: Again, it was a flying visit, but it was wonderful to see you again, and thank you for the lovely scenic drive, the paddling on Rainbow Beach, the trip to see dolphins, and the delicious pumpkin risotto!

Penny and Paul, AKA the ‘Two Ps’: We are so happy to have met you inspiring twosome at Lake Hawea! Thanks for guiding us off the beaten track on some stunningly pretty bike trails, helping us sniff out delicious CAKE, carrying my panniers when my rear wheel’s rim cracked and advising us on bike shops, and much more. We look forward to seeing you next year on European soil!

Ray and Diane: Three cheers for our support team! We very much enjoyed your company, cups of tea, delicious cheese sandwiches at the roadside, and seeing your amazed faces when you realised the hills we’d climbed. And meeting you and seeing what great shape you are in has inspired Peli to take up yoga…

Last but not least, we received a great deal of helpful information from websites including, and

Though the biggest THANK YOU goes to you – Peli ! For not shooting down my idea when I first started to make hints about a tour to the lands down under. For coming with me, being such a great companion and making this tour such a fantastic holiday, love you.

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