Review of Henderson Cycle & Mower Centre, Alexandra, NZ


Henderson Cycle & Mower Centre, Alexandra, NZDescription: Henderson Cycles is also a lawnmower shop, which made me laugh because that combination was the same as my very old LBS in Denmark.

Shop visited: 03/11/10

Peli was having some problems with her back and never really got the position right on her bicycle the first couple of weeks on our tour. We thought it was due to her using a new saddle, but it was an identical make to her old one, so it was unlikely. We finally narrowed it down to the saddle being too high, but for some reason the seatpost wouldn’t budge a millimeter, even though it had been cleaned and greased before we left.

So, we were looking for a bicycle shop or at least a place where we could get a good sized spanner to do the job. But the need for a bicycle shop became more urgent when we cycled from Walter Peak to Te Anau, because I discovered that my back wheel had developed a buckle. Upon closer inspection I found out there was a one-inch long crack in the rim!

A couple of texts with our new-found friends, the ‘Two Ps’ later we figured out that if we could get to Clyde, the start of the Otago Rail trail, they would join us, take some of the weight I was carrying and guide us to Alexandra. There we’d visit their local bicycle shop (LBS) which had a rear wheel which fitted my needs. If the wheel collapsed on the 12km ride between Clyde and Alexandra, the Two Ps would use their car as a broom wagon and get me to the LBS.

The back wheel was there ready for me, they took out the Hope hub I had on the broken back rim and they fitted the tyre and inner tube onto the new rim, while we had a yummy lunch with the Two Ps.

We arrived back and were charged the mighty sum of AUS$15 (around £8-9) for labour. Bargain.

We then asked if the friendly mechanic could help us loosen Peli’s seat post, which he first attacked with a big adjustable spanner. No luck. So, he added a three feet long tube to get some extra leverage, but still it didn’t budge. Then we turned the bicycle upside down and fitted it into the vice, and the mechanic jumped onto the table. Peli recorded this little clip : the mechanic was pulling a fair bit and we both pushed rather hard too, and finally it budged!

Some chain oil was borrowed for our rather thirsty chains and some spare inner tubes purchased. A good result, for not very many pennies.

Shop contact:

Phone : 03-448 8917
Post : 88 Centennial Ave, Alexandra, 9320, New Zealand


Overally, a top bicycle shop. They knew what I was talking about when speaking on the phone. We got a quick and great service from Henderson Cycles in Alexandra.


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