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city depot bikes sydney australiaShop now closed :(

Description: The CBD workshop is there to keep your beloved in tip top shape and optimum working condition. Bookings are essential as the hard working team upstairs want to ensure you have the least time off the bike as possible. For a normal service, drop it in before 10am in the morning and you can generally have it back that afternoon.

Shop visited: 11/10/10

Our guide to Australia’s stunning Blue Mountains had used the ‘>City Bike Depot’ bike shop in Kent Street in Sydney when preparing his bike, “Jake the Snake” the Kona, for a few days’ cycle touring with us. He also got a great deal of welcome help from their staff with his route through the Blue Mountains.

During our ride in the Blue Mountains, I unfortunately managed not to notice that my SuperNova E3 had jumped off the handlebar mount. I put this down to feeling very poorly with food poisoning, and too weak to notice anything but my illness.

Since I had the rear SuperNova E3 light, a rather good light if I may say so, I needed to find a dyno hub light that fitted to it. The only one I knew for sure worked with it was the SuperNova E3 light, so the hunt was on to find one in Sydney.

We surfed the net, found a dealer in Melbourne and a few online shops in Australia, but of course there was the delivery time to think about, because we were leaving Sydney for Brisbane in two days and in five days we were flying out to New Zealand.

A few calls later we had talked to City Bike Depot bike shop. They were sure they could help us out and would call back shortly, which they duly did.

In a stroke of luck, one of their staff had the ‘lefty’ mounted SuperNova E3 at home that he’d bought for his personal use some weeks ago but hadn’t yet fitted, that I could have at cost price. Great!

So the next day we cycled over the Sydney Harbour bridge to City Bike Depot and while we collected my new light we got chatting about our onward journey. One of the staff was from Queensland way. He dug out his map, and plotted a super scenic route for us.

Our two and a half days on the road were jam-packed with wonderful sights from Australia’s National Parks: pretty sandy bays, stunning rainforest and waterfalls, and great wild campgrounds.

Thank you, City Bike Depot. You made our day by tracking down a new light for me, and suggesting a fantastic route from Sydney to Brisbane.

Shop contact:

www: City Bike Depot
Post: 305 Kent St, Sydney 2000
Phone: 02 9279 2202
Fax: 02 9279 2208


If you’re ever stuck for a local bicycle shop in Sydney, Australia, do give City Bike Depot a try. They do give service above and beyond normal service.


  1. […] City Cycle Depot in central Sydney, who helped Anthony with the route out of Katoomba and came highly recommended by him, said that they did have an SupaNova E3 triple in stock, but that was not what I was looking for. Though they did say they’d call us back in an hour and try to sort something out for us. […]


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