The long haul flight


map australia upside downSo we have arrived in Australia after 20 + hours flying.

The night before was a bit stressful since Qantas told us stories about what we could take with us and how much. So after a panic repacking we were within limits, just.

The journey to Heathrow was very stressful since for some reason SW6 was at a gridlock and that our taxi was delayed by 10min. The driver spend 20min zigzagging around SW6 and ended up in Earls Court before we hit the A4/M4 and got moving. In that time we could easily be out past Kew on our bicycles in that time.

Checkin was harmless an the fella behind the counter started to say that we had paid too much for our excess luggage, we where sure that we were over, though we did’t tell him that.

We were on the plane on time but was stuck for around 20-30min before take off. The 13 hours flight over to Hong Kong wasn’t that eventful. Other than the pretty sunrise and that we getting well tired. I do think that even splashing out on first class, just because you are not able to move around.

We did after each movie get up and have a little wander around not that you get to see much on a 747. Too bad the weather in Hong Kong was cloudy so we didn’t get to see the views.

After an hour rest we were let onto plane again for the next 8 odd hours. That next leg of the journey was knackering. You really can’t get a good sleep because of the noise of the plane and others moving around.

The flight over Australia is still an eye opener since you figure out how big this “island” is, three hours of the Gibson Desert, massive.

We arrived in Melbourne on time at 8pm which pretty much felt like 9am but we didn’t have a clue since we had been flying over over 20 hours with not much sleep.

Passport control and visa was very easy and just happened. Though finding the right luggage carousel when you are knackered is rather hard. Even when the sign is four feet high and have a massive arrow on it. So for 10-15 min we were rather worried that our bag was in the USA or that they have figured out that we were over the weight limit.

After a 20min taxi ride we arrived at our friends Fi and Chris a little before ten at night a quick chat and then into bed.

As for jet lag, I got pretty much over when we got up. Though my stomach was still thinking in UK time so I got hungry at UK eating times. On the other hand Peli still feel a bit not here, so in the afternoon she is feeling spaced out and not really there.



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