Road to Sydney


4WD tracks, beautiful beaches, camping, long strait road our first taste of the ever so clean Australian campsites.

Day one – 05/10/10 :

We hired a car, well a 4×4 (sorry world but the cycling we are doing and are going to do, we will make it up).

A simple little ride into down town Melbourne we found the car rental place who had a bit of problem finding the key. I had to move the 4×4 out of the garage and I could not get the hang of the brakes. Just about touched the brake and the car came to a sudden halt. The automatic gearing was a bit funny too, I tried to find the clutch point which wasn’t there. More about driving later.

We then headed out of town and headed for Mallacoota which was around 6 hours’ drive away. Though we had plenty of stops and took our time so when we got near it was rather dark. So we had to drive 17km on a off-road track down to Shipwreck Creek, a campsite which was a clearing in the forest. And a short walk down to where the creek ran into the sea, which was ever so beautiful.

Day two : 06/10/10 :

We got up and had a look about at the campsite and the sea. And little drive around Mallacoota a nice little town pretty much based around the campsite and the beach. We drove for a an hour or so and before we had a breakfast at little lake. Since we had made good distance the day before we spend some time following the coastline and had a few stops. But still made good time and arrived at the Sussex Inlet where we had to spend some time finding a campsite. As all the places were carvan or mobile home site, though Peli managed to spot a site that had camping.

Again a VERY clean toilet block or “amenities” as they call it down here. Stunning how clean and well kept they are here. A quick dinner and into our comfy beds, a bit hard to get into and out of when you got a bad back. The driving wasn’t too bad when I had a blow up pillow in the small of my back.

Day three : 07/10/10 :

Got woken up by the wildlife some funny noises these birds make down under.

We only had a few miles by Aussie standards to reach Sydney. On the way to drop our car we went past Bondi Beach, which wasn’t that sunny as we always see on pictures.

We had a quick tour around town and saw the Royal Botanic Garden, Hyde Park the Opera House. Before we met our guide and host in Darling Harbour for a ride joining tour de commute over the bridge home.

Here is the link to the pictures : Road to Sydney



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