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To the centre of NZ (Makarora – Queenstown)

Avoided the rain in the rain forest and got sunny views and rolling hills. Met some great Kiwis who took us on a guided...

The West Coast (Hokitika – Makarora)

Who would have thought that it would rain in a RAIN forest? Little riding, wet nights and bad back. We took the bus to...

Across New Zealand (Christchurch – Hokitika)

Late arrival into Christchurch and "Jail" time, earthquake aftershock, very strong head winds and absolutely stunning views. Made these five first days a fantastic...
life-safer training

Around Brisbane

Great friends and time had, with beautiful view and weather ranging from sunny to massive rain storm. And so long and thanks for all...

Road to Brisbane

Local knowledge gave us, a night a rainforest, waterfalls and kangaroos. Brilliant view at small beaches and a route away from the busy roads. Day...

Blue Mountains

Steep hills, Deli belly and a lost light, tested us for our touring. But with a good laugh, great ride and guiding from a...

Road to Sydney

4WD tracks, beautiful beaches, camping, long strait road our first taste of the ever so clean Australian campsites. Day one - 05/10/10 : We hired a...

Around Melbourne

Four wonderful days in and around Melbourne, mainly catching up with friends, sight seeing and the odd pootle. Day one - 01/10/10 : We got up...

The long haul flight

So we have arrived in Australia after 20 + hours flying. The night before was a bit stressful since Qantas told us stories about what...
roman road

Roman Road

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Single tracking



Many stop

Two stops

Sheep on the road