Riding north


On Saturday the 21st we are jumping on a train here in London and head north to Luton. No we are not flying out, we are cycling away to save around 30miles of the worst and not so fun London. It will also give us a good start to the next 235 miles we are planing over the next six days.

This is the route as it stands right now and hopefully on the 26th of August we will have arrived.

We are planing to do around 35miles the first day and to shssss don’t tell anyone to wild camp, simply because I have given up on finding a campsite in that area.

The more we manage on the first day the less we have to do on the second day. So hopefully less that 55miles as we are staying at Whatoff Lodge Farm just north of Leicester for one night.

Then we are cutting right over to the bottom of the Peak District where we will be joined for some of the ride by our friend whom we are staying with that night. That would be around 43miles unless our friend knows a good short cut :)

The next day is our shortest at 23miles, which will take us right into the Peak District. Following the Manifold trail as much we can to the Royal Oak. A route/trail recommend by our friend.

The next day will either be wild camping or if I manage to find a campsite in time. We hope to do around 40miles that day even though it is a bit lumpy. But I think with the rest day before and plenty of food we should do just fine.

The last day is pretty much a blast right home into the arms of the family. Peli knows most of these road inside out so we should not have a problem with finding our way. The main problem is getting that far, I’m hoping that my GPS foo is up to scratch so we manage to get there.

Looking well forward to this little journey, haven’t cycled or toured enough with Peli this year. Mainly because we have used all our holidays for our trip to Australian and New Zealand later in the year.

Here is the write up of the tour in two parts, Leaving Luton direction Lancashire and What goes down must come up.


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