SOLD, Dahon Speed Pro TT 2008


Dahon Speed Pro TT 2008NOW SOLD: Chutney has now gone to a new and happy home:

Sad to say I have to let go of my Dahon Speed Pro TT, 2008, simply because the Surly LHT have ruined all my bicycles as it is just way to comfy and I can’t ride the Dahon any more.

Bad parts :
– I’m selling it, since I can’t raise the handle bars enough to make it comfortable for me.
– I have never been happy with breaking abilities of the Dahon.
– For some reason Dahon decided to fit some “great tyres” on it.

Great parts :
– It is a fast ride and great fun.
– I managed to climb Tourmalet, Hautacam and Luz Ardiden on it.
– It is mango coloured.

So the state of the Dahon :
– Some scratches, but else it looks good, it have been loved and I will give it a good clean before you take it of my hands.
– The hods and leavers have some scratches.
– New tyres (Conti sport contact) very few miles on them.
Cut down cable outers so not so easy to fold, but you can rectify that.
– Extra bar layer of tape and bar phat.
– It have done around 1800 miles.
– The thread on the left hand side crank are for the pedal is bust.

The last worry is that there is a crack around the seat post clamp. I have been using it at the max seat post length but I have never been over the max allowed weight. As a cycling trainer I have trained a few people who are lets say a bit heavy but I have not use the bicycle when the seat post at the max. But still it cracked :(

But then again I would be happy to sell the Speed Pro TT as spare parts for others, as I do hear that the spokes are rare as hens teeth.

Here is the link to Dahon’s description of the Speed Pro TT 2008 model.

For sale in the UK, preferably in the London area, so give me an offer.


  1. Hey,
    I am very interested in purchasing some parts of your TT if you are willing to accept Paypal and ship them to the US. How much would you ask for the wheelset? How about the whole bike? My zip code is 78748 in case you may consider it a possibility and would like to estimate shipping costs!

    Please share your thoughts!


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